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02/17/2018 Update:4pm Upcoming winter storm models agreeing more with snow amounts. By Tuesday NAM showing Valentine near 5" while GFS has Valentine nearer 7" bullseye just west of town and within 5-6" range. Models change run to run where heavier snow bands end up and slight wobble few miles making a big difference so watch upcoming NWS forecast as we get closer for more details. Another tool available is Snowfall Potential tab will show least and most expected along with most likely amounts.

02/16/2018 If it feels like its been abnormally cold this month, it has. West Valentine through Feb. 15 average high 28.6, low 2.3, mean 16.1 which is -11.1 below normal.

02/15/2018 Arctic cold front moving through this afternoon with a little freezing rain just before snow. Between freezing rain and snow melt which produced standing water yesterday, lots of ice with roads slippery in area.

02/10/2018 Windchill warning issued by NWS this morning. Low temperatures so far around town west Valentine (-16.8) east Valentine (-18.3) . -35 east Valentine, -22 west Valentine.

02/09/2018 Evening update 10pm WIND CHILL advisory issued by NWS with temperatures starting to tank under fresh snow, arctic air and clear skies. Already -7 east, west Valentine with airport -8 and Merritt Mesonet -9. Any wind tonight will bring low windchills.

02/09/2018 Final storm Update today: 5:30PM.... Cocorahs new snow total 2.8", moisture (.20"), total snow depth 3.8". Current air temperatures around area 3 west, east Valentine, Merritt Mesonet. Sparks Mesonet at 2, airport ASOS 5. Temperatures forecast to dip single digit below zero tonight. (Doesn't have far to go even if it stays cloudy) Some areas south of Valentine reported 4+ inches while areas NW Nebraska 11" where models really underestimated.

5AM: Light snow overnight, (4) currently both east and west Valentine stations. Other temperatures 5am Sparks Mesonet 2, Merritt Mesonet 4. Airport ASOS Miller Field coming in much warmer at 6.8. New snowfall .4 tenth inch (.02) moisture at 4am. Rapid Refresh (RAP) models increased potential snowfall today, now 3-4" ending 4-5pm.

02/07/2018 Update: Models backed off on snowfall amounts now 1-2" for area, follow latest NWS forecast updates for details along with any changes as event approaches. For latest Snowfall Potential

Cold morning below zero with this station west Valentine just below (-.2 ) while east Valentine station (-2.3).

02/04/2018 Final Cocorahs numbers from Arctic snow overnight with plenty of wind moving snow around. New snow .8" (.06") moisture. Overnight lows reached (-1F) both east and west Valentine stations with current air temperature 10am 3F west 2F east Valentine. Windchill was observed at -22 below overnight in town.

02/01/2018 January summary this station. Temperature below normal minus (-0.9), Mean temperature (22.7), average high (35.1), low (10.3). Precipitation was above normal (+.37) with (.63) total for month. Monthly high (59.6), low (-25.7) with all 31 days freezing or below and (6) Days below zero. Monthly climate report summaries here: 2018 click for summaries East Valentine station summary below with monthly highlights.

January highlights East Valentine station *Near new golf course, mean temperature (21.6). Precipitation (missing), Monthly high (61) low (-27).

Today's weather note windchill around -10 early this morning with temperature 5F. Snow cover has diminished but still prevalent around town with 50% bare ground mainly non shaded areas. Going east of town HW 12 snow is 80-90% gone.

01/22/2018 Winter Storm final update 4:40am Official Cocorahs (6.1") total new snow. (.35) moisture total. Ground depth 5.7" at observation. The snow stake differs because wind has funneled around base of stake.. The stake is for reference only for this reason along with warming above air temperature in sunlight and melts snow at base.

Some storm observations, we do have drifting snow in area with wind gusting to 30 mph. Forecasters and models did well in predicting snow total for area. 6-8" was the general consensus with 7" being most likely. The heated rain-gauge kept up with manual Cocorahs snow melt readings with 25-32F temperatures surprisingly well only 1 tip of bucket short, unlike colder storms where much would evaporate. The airport thermometer reading +2F warm was above freezing through first half of storm. Why they don't fix I can only surmise.

01/21/2018 4:45 AM Winter storm still on schedule with NWS along with Winter storm Warning in place. Valentine snow amount still around 7" likely. RAP short term hourly model last run has Valentine in the no doubter category with 6-8" by midnight and still more coming. (Subject to change throughout day) This is just one model out of several but one I like during events because of the hourly updates. This model also shows first teaser flakes around 6am this morning with possibly inch by noon and then intensifying during afternoon. RAP Snowfall Potential

01/20/2018 Winter storm Warning issued. Looking at snow amounts NWS has Valentine most likely around 7". One model has 3" for lowest amount with highest at 9".

01/16/2018 Upcoming snow potential Sunday both NAM and GFS latest runs have area in potential 4-6" range. This will be warmer system with more moisture vs arctic snows hopefully avoiding the freezing rain like last storm. Still early on so changes likely, stay tuned for NWS forecast office updates. Added North Platte and Rapid City Forecast offices to Snowfall Potential

01/16/2018 8:25am: Doesn't look like it will make teens below zero with (-12) both east and west Valentine so far. Deeper snow pack would of helped temperatures really plummet which we don't have. Only patches snow on far east side and just inch on west. East Valentine wind stayed up some all night causing low windchills. Big warmup after today with another chance of storm on Saturday. Updated soil temps this morning. Frozen solid down to 28" with 4" depth at 9F and 36" depth 34.

01/15/2018 Teens below zero expected tonight with optimal radiational cooling expected and wind speeds decreasing. Windchill warning has also been issued, even light winds can bring windchill dangerously low with air temperatures negative teens.

1PM: Coldest daytime temperatures of the year factoring in bitter windchills (-25) range, current air temperatures east Valentine (-2), west Valentine (-1), old town Thatcher (-2).

01/14/2018 7PM and final update: (.2") new snow. We lost more snow during the rain than we gained. Current ground depth (.8"). Snow has ended with wind gusting into 30's this evening as temperatures plummet below zero by sunrise..

2:40 PM: Light snow (33.4), East Valentine (33.5) no new accumulation yet. Airport reports 2 degrees warmer (35.6).. Freezing temperatures due around 4pm. Another Arctic blast moves in tonight with single digits around midnight. Bitter cold tomorrow with high forecast near 5.

01/13/2018 Snowfall update 10:10pm (.8) inch new, moisture content (.06), Looks like radar returns have ended. Still few flakes falling.

01/12/2018 First new snow accumulation for month .9" at 1:30pm. (.05) water content with temperature during snowfall 2-4F. Radar returns have diminished.

01/11/2018 Update from yesterdays winter storm: Just a dusting and trace accumulation of snow, main snow band developed just east of Valentine area. Surfaces in Valentine are iced over from freezing rain which fell with temperatures as low as 15F. Total precipitation from storm (.07) mix of rain/freezing rain/sleet/snow. Bitter wind chills -20 common with gust as high as 38mph and -0F air temperature as of 8am. Peak wind gust yesterday in town was impressive 48 mph and 45 at east Valentine station. Doesn't happen often where in town gust is higher than open area East Valentine station. Lowest observed wind chill was -22 around 5am.

01/10/2018 Update: WU rapid fire back up for now...Will update link to East side station and include 5 minute CWOP observations should WU live go down again. Weather Underground is having major reliability issues.

01/09/2018 Very warm today 58F both west and east Valentine stations. This was NOT A Record day in town or east side as the airport reported its 61 degrees. Wednesday's winter storm has some uncertainty with rain to snow changeover due to warm pre-frontal temperatures and how much falls as rain vs snow. Stay tuned for NWS updates if necessary will automatically appear top of home page images.

*Here are the Yearly Mean temperatures from prior years this station differences vs Airport. 2015 and 2016 only a few tenths while 2017 jumped to 1.5F

2015 (49.2F) ....... Airport ASOS 49.5F .3 difference

2016 (50.2F) ....... Airport ASOS 50.3F .1 difference

2017 (49.0F) (coolest of last 3 years) ....... Airport ASOS (50.5F) +1.5 difference ( 5th Warmest on record)

2017 suddenly in March airport went much warmer

Nearby Ainsworth airport (36 miles) is the same with 2017 being cooler than previous 2 years not warmer. Same with 14 miles south of Mission Coop weather station, 2017 was cooler not warmer. Evidence is clear starting in 2017 the Valentine ASOS started running warm beyond the fact I've compared physically against NIST certified thermometer and see +bias (1.7) on ASOS along with MADIS clearly indicating sudden rise in March 2017.

Ainsworth yearly Mean temperature

2015 (51.5F)

2016 (52.4F)

2017 (51.1F) Coolest of last 3 years not warmest

Yearly summary 2017 Mean temperature 49.0 (+1.1) above normal. High (108), Low (-20). Peak wind gust (49 mph), Precipitation 20.37 (+.35) This was the coolest year in last 3, or since beginning of this stations data.

Contrarily airport mean temperature was (50.5) 5th warmest ever. Airport was within a few tenths every year prior until now (+1.5) above this station and surrounding stations continuing into 2018. Changeover +1.7 was recorded and observed by MADIS in March which was same time I noticed the sudden rise. MADIS is meteorological observational database and data delivery system which tracks all data.

The irony of it all, its now confirmed right here in Nebraska "Man Made Warming" is real by just turning the thermometers up and bingo you have it. To my surprise while researching it was pointed out by another weather enthusiast, these Airport ASOS stations everyone thought so accurate including myself actually have loose tolerances on thermometer (+/- 2F) so weather records can get smashed by just having poorly calibrated instruments and still be within specs.

December summary this station. Temperature normal thanks to extended cold snap end of month only plus (+0.1F), Mean temperature (23.9), average high (35), low (13). Precipitation was normal at (.39) for month. Monthly high (61.6), low (-19.5) with 29 days freezing or below and (8) Days below zero. Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries East Valentine station summary below with monthly highlights.

December highlights East Valentine station *Near new golf course, mean temperature (24). Precipitation (missing), Monthly high (61) low (-20).

1/01/2018 Update 8:35 : Extreme cold this New Year day morning (-26) this station, (-27) East Valentine station.

1/01/2018 Happy New Year to all, it was (-19)F in Valentine as 2018 came in.

12/31/2017 Temperatures this morning being held up slightly by clouds and light flurries. Wind is light with low wind chill at times. Lows so far (-15F) this station and (-14) east Valentine. High temperature today staying below zero and dropping near (-20) between midnight and sunrise New Years morning. Could be one of the colder News Years but not a record. Record lows -27 on 31st and -30 on Jan 1.

12/30/2017 Update: 9:30pm very light snow currently with daily total 1". Radar returns have diminished.

12/30/2017 Light snow flurries overnight and may continue off and on with better chance 60% this afternoon. At 5:30am .2" .01 moisture. Wind chill warning for tonight starting 11pm CTZ has been issued, high temperature today was at midnight (1F) with temperatures staying below zero dropping to around -17 by sunrise Sunday. Negative temperatures all day Sunday dropping into -20's Monday morning before warm-up next week with only slightly below normal temperatures.

12/29/2017 Today the arctic cold arrives with steady temperature decline down to 3F by 6pm per RAP model. Highs Saturday near zero & staying below zero Sunday, lows negative mid teens Saturday night and low -20's Monday morning. Chances of snow have trended down to 30% tonight and 40% Saturday.

12/26/2017 Light snow yesterday and overnight. Very cold morning with lows as of 7:40am (-12F) this station, (-13) East Valentine station. Another day of single digit highs around 4F. Cold forecast continues into New Year with single digit highs again possible Saturday. 4" ground soil temperature at 20F and froze to 16" depth 32F this morning.

12/25/2017 Update: Bitter cold with windchill Christmas day, high temperature 2.5F was coldest High since Dec.17 negative -2.3 (2016) this station. Light snow currently falling, low tomorrow morning forecast around (-9F) but if it clears off toward morning could go colder.

12/24/2017 Overnight temperatures below zero, this station (-3F). East Valentine just under (-0F) where wind stayed up. Very cold Christmas day forecast tomorrow with single digit high only (9F) and low (-9) with possible snow flurries, today blustery with gust as high as 30mph.

12/23/2017 11AM update : (.7") new snow today, (.05 ) water content. Next chance of snow looks small Christmas day 20%. Very cold forecast for Monday, Tuesday with reinforcing shot of Arctic air tomorrow. Forecast highs (12F) lows (-6), enjoy the White Christmas.

12/22/2017 Update: 7:20 Air temperatures below zero this morning, Lows so far (-1F) this station west Valentine, (-5F) East Valentine station. Ground soil temperature 4" depth this morning 30F with snow cover protecting somewhat from subzero air temperature. Forecasters are now seeing chance of Christmas day snow increasing so travellers check conditions.

12/21/2017 6:PM update: 2.5" new snow today on west side Valentine. Currently this station 13.5F with windchill 8F, East valentine station 13.4F windchill 3F. Still light snow falling but radar is diminishing on returns. This is last update tonight. If temperatures stay cold Valentine has good chance of white Christmas, grounds frozen to at least 4" depth currently 31.4F.

12/21/2017 6AM light snow started falling around 5am and picking up as band of snow moves into area. Wind chill near zero with air temperatures 17-18F range Sparks, Merritt Mesonet both Valentine East, West stations while Airport reporting couple degrees warmer. Accumulation could be higher than what was forecast last night with few areas around 4" thus NWS issued winter weather advisory.

12/20/2017 Snow forecast for tomorrow NWS 1-2". One model is now 4" while another 1" and couple more at 2". Also of note in NWS special weather statement mentions slight chance of light freezing drizzle in front of snow.

12/14/2017 3:28pm Light snow showers today with temperature hovering 32-33F range. (33-35 airport) Currently snow flurry moderate rate. Big change on horizon with real winter cold returning just beyond 7 day forecast. Stay tuned!

12/13/2017 4:40AM: Very windy this morning with gust hitting 50mph east Valentine station, 46mph in town west side.

12/7/2017 First below zero day this station west Valentine. (-.5). Airport reported (0) which is unusual to have warmer lows vs in town except this year its been epidemic. East Valentine station also outside of town only reached 1.4F so maybe it was the kind of night where winds stayed up slightly over open areas, IE airport and east Valentine station while in town was sheltered.

12/6/2017 1/2" new snow today. Arctic air has moved in with 23F under sunny sky, 2:30 pm windchill around 8F.

12/4/2017 2:40pm update: 1.2" new snow. .06 moisture content 20:1 ratio so very dry. Currently blowing snow. East Valentine station HW12 recorded 63 mph wind gust. Just got back from visit east side Valentine station wind was really howling making standing walking difficult. Highway visibility very low use caution also roads icy in town.

12/3/2017 Winter Weather advisory has been issued as strong cold front approaches for mainly blowing snow, latest model run 5am has Valentine at 2.1". Heaviest area of accumulation (red dot on image) just north town 3.5". These runs can vary as storm approaches. Click for snow forecast image

12/1/2017 November summary this station. Temperature well above normal (+4.0F), mean temperature (38.4). Precipitation was normal at (.66) for month. Monthly high (82) Was also all time monthly high temperature record, low (15) with 25 days freezing or below. Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries East Valentine station summary below with monthly highlights.

12/1/2017 November highlights East Valentine station *Near new golf course, mean temperature (39.7). Precipitation (missing), Monthly high (81) low (14). Note aspiration motor failed sometime during month so daytime temperature could be warmer than actual. Mean temperature +1.3 above in town station, question is how much was caused by motor failure. The aspiration motor issue has been repaired.

11/30/2017 Update: 1pm...All Repairs made on East side weather station. Anemometer bearings were starting to fail along with solar powered aspirating fan. Here is image of weather station positioned in open area for optimum wind and temperature data retrieval. Click for weather station image

11/8/2017 Thedford Doppler radar looks back up early this morning, well ahead of schedule.

11/7/2017 Update 11AM watch the ICEY FOG in Valentine its getting bad outside. Just got back from town roads are slippery and walking treacherous.

11/7/2017 7AM update. Dusting of snow last night (.03) snow melt. Temperatures currently in area (22F) almost everywhere except airports ASOS at (25) while this station, East Valentine station, radio station, Sparks, Merritt all (22F) with north wind.

Some 4" depth soil temperatures (37F) here and Sparks, while Merritt is (43F).

11/6/2017 Radar will be down at Thedford for upgrade and maintenance through the 9th. Rapid City will replace as alternative. Valentine is on far edge of coverage so radar returns may fade this far out.

11/6/2017 Snowfall overnight Update: Snow stopped 1.3" measured on snowboard as of 4:00 AM with (.13) snow melt 10:1 ratio. Temperature at (28F), East Valentine station at (28F) with airport sensor reading 2 degrees higher at (30F). 4" depth soil temperature this morning is (37F) down from (43) yesterday so near surface could be froze today.

11/5/2017 Rain, sleet and little snow fell last night. Amounts (.12) this station (.12) Miller Field and (.08) East Valentine station. Only traces of snow on ground this morning with ground temperature still above freezing 4" depth (43F) this station, (43F) Sparks and (44F) Merritt. 50% chance of more snow tonight with less than 1" expected for Valentine.

11/4/2017 Updated website to provide easy access to snow forecast. Made the snow stake the streaming cam for this winter. Also updated About tab for easier reading and included more information about the weather station.

11/2/2017 7:50 AM: 5 hour Internet outage over. Rain last night (.29) west Valentine, (.28) East Valentine station, (.26) Miller Field, (.31) reported from local radio station

11/1/2017 October summary this station. Temperature slightly below normal and 1st October not above normal in last 4 years (-.5F), mean temperature (48.0). Precipitation above normal (+.27) with (1.52") for month. Monthly high (84.7) low (10) with 11 days freezing or below. Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries East Valentine station summary below with monthly highlights.

11/1/2017 October highlights East Valentine station *Near new golf course, mean temperature (48.4). Precipitation (1.35"), Monthly high (85.7) low (7) with (12) days freezing or below, peak wind gust (56 mph)

10/31/2017 Coldest temperatures so far this season as of 8:00am lows around area (10F) this station, East Valentine station (7F), Miller field (9F). Warming into low-mid 40's today. Update unexpected snow flurries, High temperature was 36F.

10/30/2017 Another blustery day with wind speeds forecast to gust 40mph with mid 30's for high temperature. Received 10 minute snow shower between 7:15-7:25 this morning. 2pm update: light snow flurries occasionally going into mid afternoon. Temperature has stayed in low 30's with gusty winds and heavy cloud cover. High for today occurred at midnight 42F.

10/30/2017 Added website visitor stats for anyone interested under tab Visitor Stats. This is 1 week snapshot I'll update on occasion. Shows unique, first time and returning visitors.

10/28/2017 Cold morning with East Valentine station dropping to single digit (9F) where wind completely stopped for couple hours. This station west Valentine wind stayed up slightly 3-5 mph and got down to (12F). Miller field reported low of (11F).

10/27/2017 Very chilly morning with temperature of 20F and wind-chill around 7F at sunrise.

10/26/2017 Arctic cold front arrived today some wind gust as of 11AM today (49)mph this station, East Valentine station (56) airport (55)mph.

10/24/2017 Arctic cold front due Wednesday night bringing blustery NW winds. Temperatures could dip into teens by late Friday or early Saturday morning. Beyond 7 day some snow chances increase early November.

10/14/2017 Blustery day with temperatures in 40's and light morning rain. This station west Valentine experienced 47 MPH gust @1:41pm, Airport 40 MPH and East Valentine station 38 MPH.

10/10/2017 2pm updated airport: Hard freeze overnight with temperatures dipping below freezing yesterday evening around 9:30pm and has continued with extended time well below freezing. This station (21.9F), East Valentine station (21.1F) and airport (21.9F) also.

10/1/2017 Noisy and active thunderstorm tracked south to north, main impact just west of Valentine with heaviest rainfall reported on west side of Valentine last night. This station picked up (.33), airport (.19), East Valentine station (.17). Doppler radar shows track of storm and rainfall estimates Click for image Monthly summaries for this station and East Valentine station below.

9/24/2017 Update 5pm: Storm totals (2 day ) Airport (1.65"), East Valentine station (1.71"), this station (1.59")

9/23/2017 Updated:4:40pm Preliminary totals from rain event so far today and last night, Airport (.92), East Valentine station (.86) this station (.80).

9/22/2017 Rather unusual soaking event possible with near record PWAT (Precipitable Water ) 99%. Valentine area could pick up 2"+ through Monday. Look for first chance of rain and possible thunderstorm 40% chance to start late Friday evening with increasing rain by Saturday afternoon continuing into Monday.

9/16/2017 Another good rain with a few embedded thunderstorms overnight, continuing into this morning with (.38) west Valentine at 8am. More rain possible with south to north movement favourable for Valentine receiving moisture. Temperatures on the cool side currently 46F with high today upper 50's dropping into 30's tomorrow morning.

9/15/2017 Update final 8am: Finally something to blog about in September. Picked up (.36") rain this station west Valentine. Fast moving line of thunderstorms moved south to north through area. Other amounts reported airport 1.3 miles SW (.33), East Valentine station1.9 miles NE (.22), radio station 6/10 mile E (.40").

9/01/2017 August summary this station. Temperature below normal (-4.1F), mean temperature (68.7). Precipitation above normal (+.90) with (3.08") for month. Monthly high (95.1) low (42). Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries East Valentine station summary below with monthly highlights.

9/01/2017 August highlights East Valentine station *Near new golf course, mean temperature (69.3). Precipitation (3.27"), Monthly high (95.7) low (40.4), peak wind gust (46mph)

8/25/2017 Updated 9:45pm: Thunderstorm developed rapidly and hit about 6:20pm with hail. (.26) this station west side. East Valentine station (.38) far east, Airport (.08) south. Was in parking lot at high school football field when storm hit, lots of hail with heavy rain on east side of town.

8/21/2017 Eclipse partial (97.57%), Times CDT for Valentine Start 11:31:01, Max 12:54:33 End 14:20:07. Latest forecast is 72% cloud cover for Valentine.

8/18/2017 Another round of thunderstorms last evening. (.22) this station west side, (.22) East Valentine stationCocorahs east side, (.24) 130 yds. west automatic gauge, (.20) south at Miller Field ASOS. This T/S line lacking in moisture had wind with 46mph at East Valentine station, 53mph at airport. Monthly rainfall now stands at (2.65") this station with next best chance Sunday and Monday evening. Click for Doppler rainfall est. 2 images

8/16/2017 Great light show last night but nothing close to severe level in Valentine just steady rain. One big storm near Mission SD had 2" hail potential, bulk of storm passed just south of Mission. As of 5am light rain was still falling west side Valentine with (.84) since 7am yesterday morning, 2 day total (1.04). East Valentine station (.82) since 7am yesterday, 2 day total (1.06). Monthly rainfall this station stands at (2.33") which is +.12 above full (31 day) monthly average, occurred on the 16th so everything else this month is bonus rainfall and minimizing drought. Temperatures this month also running well below normal helping drought at -6F this station in town.

8/15/2017 Storms last night did their best to work around Valentine. Thunderstorm cells actually stopped the 2.5 hour eastward track and started moving north as they approached working around Valentine area. We did pick up some residual moisture as storms dissipated and skirted around (.20) this station (.17) airport and (.24) East Valentine station. Storm total estimates around area Click for 2 images Another chance of development in forecast tonight.

8/13/2017 Big storms developed primarly east of HW83 yesterday with some impressive amounts. Around Valentine not much with airport receiving a few hundredths, East Valentine station .09. Click for 2 images

8/09/2017 Changed streaming camera to south camera for better night vision.

8/08/2017 Update Final: Thunderstorm rain total this station (.82")... East Valentine station automatic east side of town (1.01"), East Valentine station Cocorahs (1.05), Airport (.55). Image from East Valentine station Cocorahs gauge overflowing the 1" mark. Click for image ...Some storm estimates impressive with storm almost stationary at times, exceeding 4". Click for estimates, 2 images

8/06/2017 Updated 5:50pm: Another thunderstorm with bulk of storm missing Valentine to west and south. (.12) this station on west side of town. Preliminary Airport (.22), East Valentine station reporting nothing.

8/05/2017 Update: 2 pm T/storm heavy rain mixed with pea size hail dropping (.34") in 13 minutes on west side Valentine. Rain rate reached 5.4" per/hr over short period. Other preliminary amounts East Valentine station automatic station east side town (.21), airport (.12). A look at thunderstorm and pink hail ball on radar as it exited east. Click for image

8/04/2017 Update:9am Very cool morning for early August. East Valentine station dropped to 40, in town this station 42, Airport 42F.

8/01/2017 July summary this station. Temperature above normal +4.8F, mean temperature (79.3). Precipitation well below normal (-2.43) with only (.78") for month. Monthly high (108) low (46). Some highlights include 25 days above 90F, 9 days above 100. Complete opposite of first 3 years station history where it struggled to reach above 100F. Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries East Valentine station summary below with monthly highlights.

8/01/2017 East Valentine station summary July:Max recorded 110F, Minimum 45F, Mean 79.6F, Precip. .89", Max wind gust 44mph, Avg speed 6.7mph,

7/30/2017 July 25th Valentine area was officially in severe drought according to drought monitor. This doesn't include rain since the 25th. Click here for link

7/28/2017 TS developed in SD moving south through area some rain amounts locally (.35) this station, (.39) Airport, (.50) East Valentine station Cocorahs official, (.50) also at East Valentine station automatic gauge located 120 yards west. Local radio station amounts reported by callers included some much higher numbers outside Valentine.

7/26/2017 Very hot yesterday with heat index reaching 105F this station. Airport temp reached 107F for high yesterday, this station 103.5, East Valentine station 104F. Some may have noticed airport temperatures occasionally running substantially above other stations this summer, also mentioned on local radio station. I researched using a site called Gladstone which tracks Madis data. Over last 28 days Madis does show mean temps +1.4 degrees at airport ASOS station. I'll include last 28 days and last 52 weeks for comparison. Click for link to data

7/25/2017 Update: 10pm light rain over last hour/half with some thunder and lightning still around area. (.31) recorded at 10pm this station west side of Valentine.

7/19/2017 Update: Thunderstorms missed Valentine again but several areas received rain. Final high temps today (111.9)F airport (New daily record) and national high temperature for populated city, (108.3)F this station all-time record, (110.2)F East Valentine station all-time record. Felt like a blast furnace outside today but temperatures have plummeted from highs, -25 degrees already.

7/16/2017 Added Nebraska Mesonet weather stations link below external link tab. Sparks station is located 19.3 miles ENE of Valentine and AKA Merritt 7.7 miles south of reservoir with hourly/daily conditions. Some high temperature examples recorded yesterday were 99F Sparks, 97F Merritt & 96F at Ainsworth Mesonet stations. These stations are high quality stations with separate network from MesoWest 'Area Observations' also located on external links.

7/01/2017 June summary this station. Temperature above normal +2.2F, mean temperature (69.7). Precipitation well below normal (-2.99) with only (.57") for month. Monthly high (98.9) low (37.8). Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries East Valentine station summary below with monthly highlights. This east side wx station won't have precipitation reported when frozen.

7/01/2017 East Valentine station June summary: High (99.4), Low (36.4), Mean (69.4), (.54) precipitation. Peak wind gust 46 mph... Live conditions this station: Click for link

6/30/2017 First decent rain of month coming on last day of June.(.30") fell on west side of Valentine. Other amounts reported (.19) East Valentine automatic weather station, (.24) south side Airport.

6/09/2017 First hot day with airport reporting (102F). (99F) this station, East Valentine station also (99.4F). Peak wind gust observed 39mph this station, 44mph both East Valentine station and Airport.

6/01/2017 May summary this station. Temperatures below normal -1.1, mean temperature (56.5). Precipitation above normal (+3.13") with (6.23") for month. Monthly high (89), low (30). Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries

5/24/2017 This morning dipped below freezing again for 1 hour 45 minutes. Looking at next 7 day forecast this probably was last freeze of season. (146) freeze days this season is 2 less than 2015-2016 and 13 less than 2014-2015 with (159). Click for more freeze data

5/21/2017 Update 6AM: Frost Advisory, temperature hovering just below freezing this morning at (30.6)F at 6:00. Remember ground level will be colder several degrees and could drop more before sunrise. East Valentine station (33)F so not everywhere is freezing. Airport also has dropped to (30)F at 6am.

5/20/2017 Update:6pm Cold rain started just after midnight. At 6pm sprinkles, this station recorded (1.17") so far today. Snow is being reported south of town with heaviest amounts around Thedford where several inches have accumulated. Road cams also confirm snowfall. Click for snow HW cam image near Brownlee

5/18/2017 Here are radar storm total estimates over Valentine and larger area for those that live out of town. Pink and red over Valentine, with this station in the higher pink zone as indicated from rainfall amounts reported. Click for link

5/17/2017 Rain stopped around 5:30pm with totals since midnight (2.34") this station. East Valentine station automatic gauge recorded (2.18"). Looking ahead NWS puts good chances in 60-70% range Thursday night through Friday with another 1-2" possible. We may get a weekend break with Saturday morning still 40% however.

5/17/2017 Overnight rain continues this morning with additional (.84) last 24 hours as of 7AM. (1.27) 2-day total this morning.

5/16/2017 Another round of thunderstorms last night. (.43) recorded in 8" SRG. Looking at forecast going ahead we can expect rain & TS activity to continue with good chances through Friday. This weekend may bring a break in activity with another chance on Monday.

5/15/2017 Valentine was hit by thunderstorm about 1:45-2am dropping dime size hail. Recorded (.34)" rain in this short period. Second storm came through later with rain total overnight .68. Open gauge collected (.68) was .02 additional hail catch over 8" standard rain gauge. Click for Image of hail pink reflection off radar last night

5/09/2017 Time-lapse videos back in service. Needed light rain today, potential for 1.3"+ over next 7 days. We are heading into most active time of year for rain and thunderstorms. Last 2 weeks of May through first 3 weeks of June are normally very active for Valentine area.

5/01/2017 April summary this station. Temperatures above normal +1.8, mean temperature (48.5). Precipitation below normal (-.85") with (1") total snowfall. Monthly high (80), low (14). Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries

4/26/2017 Light snow yesterday afternoon and overnight with only trace amount. Light rain fell (.09) prior to snow. Bulk of precipitation fell south of Valentine area.

4/13/2017 Dense fog this morning with dangerous highway travel conditions. Visibility tenth of mile or less.

4/10/2017 New snow (1") at 9:10am.

4/10/2017 .40 rainfall with a few embedded thunderstorms yesterday. Light snow at 5:30am this morning, temperature 31F and dropping.

4/02/2017 Snow gauge cam converted to west looking cam through October when it goes back on snow gauge.

4/01/2017 March summary this station. Temperatures above normal +2.8, mean temperature (39). Precipitation below normal (-.23") with (2.4") total snowfall. Monthly high (81.9), low (8.9). Monthly climate report summaries here: 2017 click for summaries

3/26/2017 Added live streaming feed of NOAA weather radio with built-in player for portable devices.

3/26/2017 Sensirion came out with new updated specs on Temp/humidity sensor. The (Sensirion SHT31) temperature accuracy plus/minus (.2C) or (0.36 F), humidity accuracy ( 2% humidity) between 0-100%. This station has the new sensor installed.

3/21/2017 6:20 am Heavy wet snow this morning, Measured 1.4" (.27) moisture.

3/15/2017 Freezing rain overnight, be careful this morning.

3/14/2017 .8" of snow this morning. Speaking of snow added link to time-lapse on big snow in February Click

3/11/2017 Added dedicated camera for streaming (Streaming tab) using YouTube servers supporting multiple simultaneous users. This camera has no IR for night vision, ground level anemometer added for visual & not replacing existing 33' anemometer.

3/01/2017 February summary this station. Temperatures started below normal with (1) day below zero but warmed 15-35 degrees above normal middle of month leaving monthly mean (+4). Precipitation was almost double normal (1.15") with 20" total snowfall, most occurring during 14" snowfall. Monthly high (75.5), low(-5.3). Mean (31.3)

2/28/2017 Patchy fog this morning on cameras. Strong snow eater south wind yesterday, lost another 2-3" with 2-3" left around area. Big warm-up this weekend. This is the last day of meteorological winter.

2/27/2017 Temperatures still cold this morning with snowpack 4-6" in and around Valentine. East Valentine station 2F this morning. In town west side 9.5F, airport south side 5F. Ground has frozen to 3" (31F) depth again slowing snow melt but sun angle will assure continued 1-2" loss per day. Once snow has diminished to less than inch temperatures expected to rise dramatically over weekend.

2/24/2017 Update 6:00am: Storm total 14" snow, Rain gauge SWE .62. 22:1 ratio. Snow has stopped. Current ground depth 13". Adjusted yearly & monthly totals to match (SRG) Standard rain gauge total. Peak observed snow rate during storm 2.8" in 1 hour. High wind gust 33 mph. Some 27" drifts measured, should be fun digging out today. Added link to time-lapse Click

2/23/2017 Major winter storm forecast for Valentine area. Using the snowfall forecast link on 7 day forecast tab. Most Likely Snowfall for Valentine 15", Least 7" and potential 18". Snowfall amounts for Valentine have backed off slightly overnight from likely 17 to 15 inches. Another thing ground is no longer frozen 34F at 3" depth so snowfall may have tendency to settle more as it falls.

2/3/2017 (1.1") new snow last night. (.08) (SRG). Temperature below zero this morning with fresh snow and clear sky. Airport -6, East Valentine station -6.5, this station -5.3. Update: Patchy fog developed around area toward sunrise warming temperatures +5, road cams all directions showing fog 7:30am.

2/1/2017 (1/2") new snow (.04) SWE from 8" SRG

1/31/2017 As of 9:30pm (1/2") new snow..... Summary for January this station temperatures below normal (-1.7F) mean (21.9) with average high (34), Low (11). Precipitation (.87) +.61 above normal, 11.0" snow including large snow of 9". (5) days below zero with monthly high temperature of (59F), low (-11F). Peak wind gust this station (42 mph).

1/25/2017 Snowfall update 6 am 9.0" total new snow. Still light snow falling, winds gusted to near 40 mph overnight causing drifting. All area road cams showing snow packed roads with areas of drift.

1/23/2017 Potential major winter snowstorm for area 5-8" forecast Tuesday-Wednesday but models still waffling on exact path. Added script thanks to Jerry Wilkins, http://www.gwwilkins.org/ from Lincoln for snowfall likelihood under 7 Day Forecast tab. Its a fun script in experimental stage currently. Temporally added streaming webcams N & S for upcoming storm.

1/04/2017 Light snow today under arctic air mass. At 7pm .4 of new snow with (.03) SWE-Snow water equivalent. High temperature today was a cold 9F.

1/01/2017 December this station temperatures below normal (-5) mean with average high (32), low (6). December snowfall west side Valentine (7"). December brought extreme cold with 10 subzero lows and 1 subzero high temperature, (11 total) with lowest temperature since 1994 of (-31)F along with extreme low windchill at airport (-51). Precipitation this station was (.99) or (.62) above normal. Most coming from unusual rain event Christmas day. Dec. maximum wind gust recorded this station was (55) mph, (66) mph at airport..... Full Summary 2016 look Below, +2.2 degrees above normal with +9.24" above normal precipitation. This was the 3rd consecutive year with well above normal precipitation.

Summary 2016: Mean temp- (50.2) +2.2 above normal, High Temp- (100.2) Low Temp- (-31.2) Heat Index- (113.7) High DP- (79) Lowest DP- (-36.9) Lowest humidity- (6) Highest Rain Total One Day- (4.32) inches, Yearly rainfall total-(29.28) inches, Snow-(30.5) inches, Highest Wind Gust- (66) mph, Highest Pressure- (30.94) inches, Lowest Pressure- (29.04) Airport mean (50.3) +2.3 above normal

12/28/2016 Website changes, Removed "Flash" pages no longer supported by all browsers.

12/25/2016 Christmas day storm rather wild. Starting with nearly an inch of sleet with thunderstorm turning to rain followed by cold air and light snow with 66 mph wind gust recorded at both airport and East Valentine station. As of 9pm precipitation this station (.54) mostly rain and sleet. Update 10:20pm Peak wind gust in town west side has been 55 mph.

12/18/2016 Link to NWS chat talking about the cold outbreak last night. Click for CHAT

12/18/2016 Update:5am This station has been down to -31 with wind non existent so far. Airport -31 also but more wind with windchill temperature down to -52 at times. East Valentine station air temperature crazy -37 with -40's wind chill. Temperatures forecast to start rising soon.

12/18/2016 Update:12am airport has been down to -27, this station -26, East Valentine station -30 burr..Wind chill airport -46 East Valentine station -47. Temperatures forecast to rise to around -18 toward sunrise so question is how low before they rise.

12/17/2016 Cocorahs snowboard measurement at 5:30am 3.5" new snow, water content (.24") 14:1 ratio. 4.5" total ground depth. -6 this morning at observation, windchill -27. Winter fun...

12/14/2016 Last night was again below zero temperatures occurring around 8:30am. Airport (-6), this station (-5), East Valentine station only (-1), where wind stayed up.

12/13/2016 Potential for dangerous winter storm starting Friday with sub zero daytime temperatures Saturday. High temperature Saturday will occur near midnight with temperatures dropping dangerously low with wind chill and snow.

12/13/2016 Once again temperatures plummeted into negatives around midnight before clouding up. Lowest temps reported airport being prior to midnight - airport (-8), This station (-7). Looking ahead WU model (variety of inputs, including, but not limited to, ECMWF, GFS, & NAM) sticking with 3-5" snow Friday but lowered chance % slightly, Forecast temperatures Saturday high (-1) low (-17). NWS graphical model similar temperature wise but more cautious with snow forecast amounts until more certainty. Afternoon model run NWS will most likely have snow amount forecast.

12/12/2016 Looking ahead at different forecast models, Friday-Saturday WU Best forecast model shows Valentine receiving 3-5" snow with Saturday temperatures -1 high -13 low. This model updates every 15 minutes so could change later but on Monday afternoon shows where its leaning. Link to this model is located under external links WU & Almanac and selecting Best Forecast as source.

12/12/2016 Temperatures around Valentine went below zero last night before coming back into single digits before sunrise. This station (-5), airport (-6) and East Valentine station (-9). Update: 11:20am Arctic cold front just arrived with reinforcing shot of cold air. Next even colder air is due this weekend with good chance of snow Friday night.

12/10/2016 Official Cocorahs 2.5" new snow at 6am. (.18) moisture content in gauge. Still snowing lightly. Updated ground temperatures freeze line has reached 16".

12/09/2016 half inch (.5") of light fluffy snow with 11 degree temperature at 10:40 am. Updated: 1PM Moisture content of snowfall (.01) under sunny skies.

12/09/2016 Temperatures bottomed -5 this station. -8 airport and East Valentine station. Models hinting of bitter cold possible next week could have single digit highs.

12/07/2016 Frigid temperatures this week. Possible below zero -0 by morning. Lack of snow cover will help prevent temperatures from tanking under strong Arctic high.

12/04/2016 Added soil temperature page ranging from 3" to 36" under Climate/Daily history tab. Will update weekly or more going into winter and later on for growing season.

12/01/2016 NWS Statement: November 2016 will go down as the fourth warmest November on record, tied with the year 1913: Airport was 7.7F above normal and this station 7.2 above normal. Toward end of month going into December temperatures have normalized. Airport recorded low temperature of 3F degrees and 4.5 this station. 4.5" snow was recorded this station.

11/27/2016 Added easy access page of some surrounding road cameras, Nebraska Dept.of Roads. Work in progress.

11/26/2016 North and South cameras streaming normally again.

11/19/2016 Temperatures bottomed out at 3F airport also east side of town at East Valentine station . 4.5F on west side this station. image

11/18/2016 Cold overnight forecast (10)F so bundle up. Wouldn't be surprised if lower single digits occurred with fresh snow cover should wind stop. Not whole lot of cooling needed with highs today near 29F.

11/18/2016 Cocorahs official snowfall 4", moisture content .31" at 6:20am. 3.5" after settling. Snow stick is visual aid not official.

11/1/2016 October ended well above normal in temperature category (+5.7) above mean and also plus side (+.73 ) rainfall. Monthly weather highlights include 2" snow early in the month, 4 days at or below freezing and wind gust 54 mph on the 3rd.

10/31/2016 Added snow gauge cam. New gauge design hopefully reducing drift. Visual aid only actual snow depth is taken in several different locations and averaged.

10/20/2016 West side of Valentine received (.58") rain last 24 hours pushing yearly total (27.94") making +9" above airport historical normal. Miller Field reported (.53").

10/06/2016 Updated at 9pm..First snowfall of season measured Oct 6th with approximate 2" depth measured at 4:20pm. Much of the wet snow was settling as it fell preventing higher accumulation. Roads around Valentine got slushy for a period today. Temperature hovering just above 32 degrees so likely to see some ice by morning if clouds clear out. Cocorahs official rainfall amount (.90), 2" new snow. Adjusted tipping bucket total to reflect accurate manual gauge snowfall catch. Soil temperature sensor currently 39.8F at 2" depth.

10/04/2016 Thunderstorm line moved through area last night dropping (.46) west side valentine, airport on south side reported (.50), Cocorahs report just east of town (.51). High winds were reported yesterday afternoon. Some observed gust, west side Valentine (54mph), Airport (55mph), just east of Valentine (58mph).

10/01/2016 September 2016 ended with near normal temperatures and precipitation. Very uneventful month for weather. Monthly data is available 'climate/daily history' tab under NOAA reports or summary where yearly comparisons are available.

9/06/2016 Updated 7am : Cold front brought cluster of thunderstorms through Valentine area around 1am dropping heavy rain at times. Reports 7am (.82) west side, (.88) ASOS Miller Field, (1.23) official Cocorahs 3/4 mile east side.

9/05/2016 Thunderstorm line developed western Nebraska and moved into Valentine area around 8:40pm yesterday. Rain total (.45) west side with airport reporting (.34) on south side. East Valentine station officially (.41). Patchy fog around area can be seen in cameras this morning.

9/01/2016 August 2016 was below normal in precipitation coming up (-1.64") short and below normal temperature (-1.2) this station.

8/31/2016 Turned on night time IR on one of the cameras east of Valentine making precipitation and fog visible at night. Patchy areas of fog around Valentine this morning.

8/30/2016 Isolated thunderstorm developed just east of Valentine and skirted south side of town dropping (.51") at airport and only (.02") west side. Mother nature playing catchup for areas left behind earlier in year.

8/21/2016 Chilly morning for August with East Valentine station getting down to (42), Miller Field (45) and this station (46) as of 7am.

8/20/2016 (.07 ) additional rain after 6:35am yesterday making 2 day total (.59) Valentine west side.

8/19/2016 Active pattern with passing of cold front. Precipitation around area (.52 ) on west side Valentine @6:35am. Miller Field reporting (.49 )

8/10/2016 Thunderstorm skirted just north and west of Valentine dropping (.23) on west side of town and (.26) ENE side. Lesser amounts going south of HW 20 with Miller Field (.07). Doppler Radar rainfall estimate show path of storms. Click on LINK

8/1/2016 July summary near typical. Mean temperature was near normal 73.8 (-.7) with (10) 90+ degree days and (1) 100+ degree day this station. Precipitation 3.75" was above (+.54) leaving yearly 23.22" and well above calendar year normal (+9.29). Station record observed with highest wind gust (66) mph since station installation June 2014.

7/31/2016 Several thunderstorm lines developed near the Black Hills and moved into NC Nebraska last night. One of the storms made it into Valentine area around 1:30 AM leaving (.24") this station west side, (.32") Miller Field (.26") 1.3 ENE Cocorahs Valentine. Peak wind gust in town this station 37 mph, Miller Field 47 mph, East Valentine station 46 mph.

7/26/2016 Severe thunderstorm hit Valentine around 9pm. Very heavy rain mixed with hail up to 1" size. Very high wind gust recorded 66 mph in town, 69 mph at airport. 1.73" rain officially this station west side Valentine. Miller Field had lighter rainfall south of HW 20 with 1.18", 1.3 miles ENE Cocorahs recorded 1.10". Some broken tree limbs and street flooding reported around town. Doppler Radar shows areas with heaviest rainfall link rainfall estimates

7/15/2016 Active morning weather with thunderstorms developing across South Dakota and moving into Valentine area. (.38) moisture received west side Valentine as of 7am. Airport is reporting (.50), east side Valentine (.57) Cocorahs.

7/10/2016 Another hot day with heat index reaching 105 this station. Link for today's graph

7/8/2016 Added webcam links east side of Valentine looking WNW-WSW back toward Valentine. Also added timelapse with weather conditions overlay for camera site. (Link in Cams/Stream tab) Much thanks Merle for the hard work installing and hosting cameras & weather station. CWOP ID:EW7498 and Weather Underground ID:KNEVALEN3. Merle is also an official COCORAHS observer.

7/6/2016 Thunderstorm line with severe potential moved through Valentine area around 6:40 pm. SW Cherry county reported tornado but didn't see any severe weather or much wind on west side of town with peak gust 36mph as of 7:10 pm. Airport reported 58mph gust East Valentine station 45mph gust along with (.32) in Cocorahs gauge. Rainfall (.25)" this station on west side with rainfall rate peaking at 3.62" per hour for 3 full minutes. Much less than some of our big rains with extended 7-8" hr/rate gully washers this year.

7/2/2016 Nice prolonged soaking of unexpected rain yesterday lasting several hours going into the early morning hours. This station on July 1st has exceeded 20" on the year.

7/1/2016 Month of June this station was above normal on both temperatures and precipitation. +5.3 degrees mean temperature and +1.32 precipitation. With only 4 days of significant rain >(.10) it had abnormally long dry periods for historically wettest time of year. Highlights included wind event with thunderstorm uprooting trees & breaking large limbs along with almost 4" rain over 24 hour period. This station saw 1-100 degree day and 9-90+ days total. Lowest temperature was 42 degrees.

6/30/2016 Added time-lapse of storm rolling in yesterday from NW anemometer mast cam, shaking was unavoidable. Click here

6/29/2016 Severe thunderstorm packing high winds moved in from north. This station is protected from north during summer with large tree foliage recorded 50 mph wind. Airport saw much higher gust reaching 64mph. East Valentine station recorded 57mph wind. East weather camera caught large 12" diameter tree branch breaking off next door. Link to short video. Tree branch link .... Rainfall amount at 10:20 pm (.19), tipping bucket (.20)

6/28/2016 Update 9:25pm..Line of thunderstorms approached Valentine from west, experienced some hail with a few reaching 3/4" size but most in pea size to 1/4" range. All gauges (.74) with exception of Cocorahs with funnel top bounced hail out and only recorded .71. The open Cocorahs recorded same as NWS 8" (.74). Doppler Radar rainfall estimates usually on high side but shows where heaviest occurred. Area storm estimate and around Valentine

6/24/2016 Another hot day with temperature this station peaking at 98, DewPoint 69 with heat index 104 degrees.

6/23/2016 Just an update on weather station I've been asked about the new instruments. The station has a backup temp/hum sensor should one fail. Having redundancy also allows sensor confirmation with both tracking closely .00-.03 of one another. Another addition is 4-ground soil temperature sensors measuring temperatures 3"-36" for tracking freeze data. Soil sensors live are not online for viewing but may upload weekly graphs to Flickr and link here on news event page. Soil temperatures 5-29 through 6-23 I've linked here.. Soil temperature

6/20/2016 Set station record heat index yesterday of 108 degrees. East Valentine station heat index also reached 105. DewPoint reached 76 in town 73 and East Valentine station just before cold front moved through area dropping temperature and DewPoints back down. DewPoint is down in the upper 40's early today.

6/14/2016 Very heavy rain with line of thunderstorms last night before midnight and into early morning, on west side of Valentine 3.78" this station. 1.9 miles on east side of Valentine different Cocorahs station 3.82". Airport is reporting 3.47" on southern end Valentine. Many unofficial reports in 4"+ being reported on radio air waves. 3.85" at radio station itself. The unofficial tipping bucket this station recorded 3.81". Updated: 4:30pm rain totals .06 additional afternoon shower.

5/31/2016 Month of May similar to last year, very wet with 7.87" rain this station (+4.74"). Temperatures were near normal. Details can be seen on Climate/Daily History tab under NOAA reports, clicking on the year 2016 will show departures from normal.

5/30/2016 Thunderstorm line moved through on Memorial Day with west side this station recording .37, Airport Miller Field .62 @10pm. Rain currently stopped around Valentine. The Arabia area 11 miles SE reported 1" hail.

5/29/2016 Evening showers with main TS line 30 miles south of Valentine moving east last night. At 7am (.17) manual rain gauges, .16 tipping bucket

5/27/2016 Afternoon update .21 additional rain mid morning showers.

5/27/2016 Updated:7:40am..Trough line appeared to stall over Valentine area last evening some TS showed little movement and kept redeveloping over same areas, these areas received excess of an inch I'm certain. This station west side of town received (.54) @ 7am. East Valentine station TS hit area much harder (.80) Cocorahs at 7AM. Miller Field looks to have received less only (.42"). Key word LOOKS. 7am several ranches in area reporting 1-2" rainfall.

5/25/2016 Afternoon update: picked up dime size hail and .12" of precipitation with TS that skirted north of town.

5/25/2016 Line of thunderstorms came through last night around 11:15pm, nothing reached severe level in Valentine area. This station west side 8" dia. standard gauge recorded (.56"). Cocorahs east side town reported (.54") .

5/23/2016 Lightning cloud to ground strike from yesterdays storm caught by east webcam. Pic link Strike

5/22/2016 Intense tornadic thunderstorm hit Valentine, putting a tornado emergency alarm to seek shelter immediately. No tornado damage reports yet. 1" hail has been observed with street flooding and very heavy rain mixed with hail at times. As of 9:10 the tipping bucket is over 4.10" of rain. Still too much lightning and heavy rain to check the official 8" dia. manual gauge. Update:11 pm 4.32" in standard rain gauge.

5/16/2016 Light steady rain between 6am and 11am, recorded .34 in standard rain gauge, .33 tipping bucket gauge

5/9/2016 3 separate rain events, thunderstorm activity 8th & 9th with some pea size hail on 8th. Recalibration on tipping bucket matched 8" standard gauge both .42 on last storm.

5/5/2016 April summary: This station ended with 2.72" above normal with 1.5" of snow which included several substantial rains. Temperature ended 1.8 degrees above seasonal average. Season snow total this station, stands at 42.3".

4/01/2016 March was the 2nd month in a row with well above normal temperatures +6 above mean average. Precipitation was near normal. 5.5 inches snow was record daily event for the 23rd.

3/26/2016 New upgraded temp/hum sensor installed here and East Valentine station. (Sensirion SHT31) plus/minus( 0.5 F) ( 2% humidity) across entire range.

3/24/2016 Snow melt overnight 1.5" from warm ground even with low temperature 14F. Don't expect snow to stay around for long.

3/23/2016 Powerful Spring snowstorm full blown near blizzard conditions with 5.5" new snow at 1:00 pm. Snow depth 5.0" at 4PM.

3/11/2016 WNW and WSW cams mounted near top anemometer mask at 30'. Hills Ponderosa pine covered, NW of Valentine now visible. Cams will move with wind so still images only. Added nationwide storm report map.

3/1/2016 February summary, very dry and warm. Mean temperature 34.5F +7F above normal or March like temperatures. Precip. .18 or .30 below normal. Snowfall only 1.2".

2/29/2016 Update: Migration to new host server process near complete, if you see this message this is the new hosting site.

2/17/2016 Added north and south camera streams under camera section,

2/16/2016 Valentines Day ended the 64th day in a row with 1"+ snow on the ground at this station.

2/15/2016 Everything covered in layer of thin ice early morning .04 precipitation fell prior to midnight. Walking treacherous, rain gauges frozen, cameras were unclear type of precipitation but dusting of snow present.

2/2/2016 Light snow most of day, wind gust to 30 mph at times.

2/1/2016 January summary: This station ended with mean temperature 23F (-.4F) slightly below average and precipitation twice normal (.59) (8.5") snow. 5 days below (0F) were observed along with 31 days of (3") ground snow cover or more helping keep temperatures several degrees cooler than areas without snow pack.

1/25/2016 Snow event with accumulation (3.7") making snow pack 6-9 inches around area. This station west side Valentine has conservative 7" average ground depth. Temperatures forecast to warm well above average, nearing 49F later this week.

1/21/2016 (1.2") of snow overnight and this morning, .09 water equivalent as of 2pm. 13:1 water ratio. With new snow, this station located Valentine west side has reached 30" for season.

1/18/2016 Coldest morning of year (-13F), Miller Field observed (-16F). East Valentine station (-14F). Current snowpack between 2-5" around area. Officially 4" this station on west side Valentine, 2" Miller Field where snowpack decreases going south out of Valentine.

1/16/2016 1.3 inches of new snow with Arctic air mass. (.04) 4" diameter Cocorahs, (.05) 8" diameter NWS SRG, 26:1 water ratio snow fell between 3-9F.

1/12/2016 1.3 inches of new snow. Cocorahs snow melt .06 total, very dry snow. 21:1 water ratio

1/1/2016 Valentine Miller Field highlight for 2015 ended as 8th wettest on record. As of Jan. 1 this WX station measured 30 days of ground snow cover of 1" or more this season. December ended with above normal precipitation & snowfall. +1.9F normal temperature because of the very warm week +20F experienced early in the month.

12/18/2015 Valentine area first negative temperatures with existing snow pack 6" and clear conditions, Arctic air still in area with Wind Chill temperatures very low this morning (-20F) with ambient temperatures (-4F) this station. (-8F) Miller Field tied nationally with 4 other stations as 4th coldest. .

12/16/2015 Storm totals .01 additional overnight, (4.7) new total . (6.5) average depth, lots of drifting. Miller Field observer also reported 5" new, 7 total. (.37 moisture) Measuring powered windblown snowfall is tricky. Some reports have as much as 8" new snow reported.

12/13/2015 Storm total 3.8" ended around midnight. Official Cocorahs snow melt total was .40, SRG the same. Airport reports 4" new snow (.38) which is also a record for date.

12/12/2015 Current snow in progress, will update snow measurement amount on Snow Report page under Climate/Daily History tab. Currently at 11pm 3.2 inches. Snow moisture content looks 10:1 ratio. Storm final numbers tomorrow after doing rain gauge snow melt. Tipping bucket numbers generally come in low because of evaporation.

12/3/2015 Cold morning temperature dropped to 7F this station, 5F at East Valentine station 3/4 mile east. Airport was missing data today. Snowpack westside at 6.5" this morning.

12/2/2015 Snowpack has settled to 7.8" at 5am with temperatures staying elevated 30-31F most of night, but may drop into teens by sunrise. November ended with above normal temperature +1.9F and above normal precipitation +1.29 inches. Snowfall 11.4 inches was also above normal.

12/1/2015 Update: 4:00pm, 2.9" new snow since morning measurement putting west side Valentine at 9.4" on ground. New snow melt from 6am, .18 adjusted tipping bucket to match, evaporation took its toll today as snow melted with added wind. Today's snow, moisture content was 15:1 ration vs yesterdays 14:1.

11/30/2015 Update: 10:00pm, 6.7" new snow accumulation. (.45) snow melt 8" standard gauge. Snow moisture content was 14:1 ratio.

11/30/2015 Here is image of snow gauge as you can see its drifting around so this is ballpark visual aid only. Official measurements are off snowboards. , Snow Gauge link

11/29/2015 Repaired radar script. Thanks to Jerry pointing it out and sending corrected code.

11/22/2015 Another cold morning before warmer west winds mixed in early around 6am preventing further dropping. Temperatures bottomed Miller Field 4F, 6F this station and 7F East Valentine station .

11/21/2015 Very cold morning with fresh snowpack 3-4" in immediate area, temperatures dropped into single digits. 2F Miller field, Just East of town East Valentine station 3F and this station 5F. East Valentine station doesn't have rain gauge heater so no accurate winter precipitation reports but located in the open for great wind data. Linked on flash page here and on links tab.

11/20/2015 Started snowing last night as of 11am new snow depth peaked at 4.2" off snowboard. (.40) as of 12:45 pm snow currently stopped, snow has settled to 4.0" on snowboard after peak of 4.2"

11/18/2015 Very strong winds today and very low pressure bottomed at 29.22. Peak gust this station in town 45 mph, airport and east of town 60-59 mph.

11/17/2015 Rain changed to snow just after 5am. Received tenth of inch snow (.06 water equivalent). (.35 mix storm total 8" SRG at 12 noon) Area downgraded with little accumulation expected in updated forecast. This storm main impact is missing area to south. Looking at webcams looks like mainly rain event so far. Statewide webcams are available on the NE Roads external link and clicking on cameras.

11/5/2015 24 hour rain total @ 1320 pm, west side(.71), Miller field reporting (.64), Cocorahs East side (.74)

11/2/2015 Added full page USA color 12 hour satellite loop to Radar/Satellite tab. Very nice thanks to Jerry at Southeast Lincoln Weather...Large Satellite loop,

11/1/2015 October ended above normal in both temperature and precipitation. (+3.7) degrees mean temperature, (+.57) inch precipitation. 7 out of 10 months have experienced above normal precipitation this year, (+9.29 inches ) temperatures (+1.2F) this El Nino building year. It remains to be seen how El Nino affects Valentine this winter. Last two strong (97-98, 82-83) El Nino's brought below normal precip. & above normal temperatures. Prior two (72-73, 65-66) brought slightly above normal precip. but below normal temperatures. This years El Nino sea temperatures look similar to (72-73) at this stage, making it around 2nd or 3rd strongest in recorded history. More on El Nino, Historical sea temperature data,

10/29/2015 Valentine experienced lowest temperature this season. 21F at this station. Miller Field 20F.

10/18/2015 Snow depth gauge for visual aid added to Cameras menu. Actual snow depth measured off snowboard and various areas. <

10/16/2015 First hard freeze currently 26F at this station 6:50am, Miller Field 24. More temperatures,

10/4/2015 2 day storm total update 7am. West Valentine 1.23, East side 3/4 mile 1.02, Miller Field 1.09

10/1/2015 September was well above normal with mean temperature +4.8 above normal. Rainfall thanks to the almost 4" storm ended +3.74 above normal.

9/29/2015 Showery day yesterday, rain totals West Valentine .28, East side .28, airport (.19) continues to fall short of the other rain gauges in area.

9/24/2015 Moderate to heavy rain Yesterday, lasting almost 13 hours. Storm totals at 7:00 am (3.94)". Valentine Cocorahs East side reported (3.95"). Monthly and daily records for Miller field were also set. (3.58) was last report at Miller field. Some unofficial amounts around Valentine exceeded 9"

9/18/2015 Substantial rain after very warm start to September. At 13:20pm. 8" standard gauge (.87). Cocorahs west (.86), Miller Field (.82)

9/15/2015 Valentine Miller field was warmest in nation yesterday 101. Moved Forecast discussion from external links to menu bar with internal link.

9/4/2015 First rain with thunderstorm in 16 days. Amounts observed West side Valentine .20, East .21, Miller Field .13. First 100+ day of year of 101 at this station September 2nd.

9/1/2015 August this station had near normal temperatures and above normal precipitation +(.78) inch. 10 days >90, zero above 100.

8/27/2015 Added information about the Blizzard of 1949 under the Climate/Daily History tab.

8/18/2015 Heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms occurred with unusually cold trough.

8/16/2015 Multiple thunderstorms approached Valentine from west and turned back toward SW suddenly. .Saturday was warmest day of summer with ambient temperature of 99 and heat index of 105F.

8/15/2015 Added non flash version of NOAA Ridge Radar, special thanks to Jerry at Southeast Lincoln Weather for the script development and others for their contribution. Flash is being phased out by many browsers soon, so the necessity for development of non flash player scripts.

8/14/2015 Rain totals yesterday, Valentine West Cocorahs .03, East Cocorahs .12, Miller Field .01

8/08/2015 24 hour rain gauge totals. Cocorahs west .57, East .46, Airport .18. Doppler radar shows airport in (.30) range,(.60) range at this station, (1") just west and north of Valentine. Rain estimation link, Radio Station downtown Valentine reported (.84). Airport (Miller Field) south of town is currently lagging 3" behind west side of Valentine on yearly precipitation.

8/05/2015 Dense fog around area this morning, Time-Lapse South shows fog between 5:30-7am.

8/02/2015 July mean (73.3) was 1.2 degrees (F) below normal with 3.7" rainfall .49" above normal. Station observed 12 days above 90F, and 0 days above 100F.

8/02/2015 Rainfall totals on 1st Cocorahs East .75, West .99, Miller Field .56.

7/27/2015 Image of thunderstorm and approximate area tornado was sighted Thunderstorm, Location

7/26/2015 Tornado touched down 11 miles NE of Valentine according to NWS, the strong cell continued moving eastward. Law enforcement reported the sighting.

5/22/2015 *Anemometer now mounted at 10 meters. Pic link anemometer

4/9/2015 First substantial precipitation in 2 months.

4/1/2015 March was 2nd driest in Valentine history, and 7th warmest on record reported by NWS.

1/3/2015 Arctic storm 40 mph wind gust, blizzard conditions with 1" new snow.

12/29/2014 Arctic storm total 2.5" .18 snow melt. Average ground snow depth 4.7" 1PM temperature 6 degrees. Forecast low -14, Wind chills -30 range. 9.9" for month of Dec. so far 15.8" for season.

12/27/2014 Total storm snow 2.5". Arctic cold front moving into area Sunday night into Monday.

12/26/2014 1.5" 5AM .6" fell Christmas day. Started late afternoon.

11/17/2014 Several Arctic cold fronts moved through this last week, dumping 6" snow on 15-16th and low temperature of -12 below zero on 16th.

10/4/2014 First freeze 27 degrees, growing season officially ended most areas. Miller Field reported low of 24 degrees.

7/25/2014 Valentine Miller Field set a record rainfall total for June.

6/1/2014 station on-line afternoon of June 1, 2014, highs and lows are not complete for June 1, 2014.